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Heico-Direct is the online shop from Heico Fasteners UK. All your upholstery supplies requirements can be purchased with secure payment and next day delivery available.

Heico Direct provides a quick and efficient form of purchasing upholstery supplies for all your upholstery repairs, hobby and DIY jobs alike.

If you are in the upholstery, furniture or interiors industries then why not apply for a TRADE LOGIN to view exclusive Trade Only discounted pricing. Simply enter your details here.

Upholstery supplies include brass castors, hook and loop, zips, springs, air compressors & air tools, wooden sofa legs & feet, upholstery nails & sewing threads.

HEICO-LOCK® is the wedge locking system that uses tension instead of friction to give you ultimate security against the bolt loosening effects of vibration and dynamic loads.

The HEICO-LOCK® system consists of a pre-assembled pair of washers with inclined cams on the inside and radial teeth on the outside.

Tightening of the nut/bolt creates a ‘gripping’ action of the teeth thus seating the mating surfaces.

Our dedicated UK Stocks and next day delivery gives you proven effective security for even the most demanding of bolted applications and the service your business demands.

Heico Fasteners are a leading manufacturer of design specific precision cold formed, hot formed and turned parts.

Our modern press plant is supported by our secondary operations unit and our own in-house electroplating shop.

The Cold Forming operation provides quality high volume parts converting wire into finished components up to 100mm long with diameters from 3mm to 16mm and head diameters up to 30mm in one pass.

Our CNC turning operation is ideal for quick turnaround of urgent parts for small and medium batch requirements.


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